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Monday, March 1, 2010

Nowra Youth Centre 28/02/2010

Road trip up to nowra with my band break a leg for our first headlining show at Nowra Youth Centre.
Went okay, alright turnout considering our band was playing haha.

First up was a band called Seven Against Thebes.   I shot them with an ISO of 400.  I dont really know how to explain this band, they had metal parts, hardcore parts, pop punk parts. Some of their songs sounded decent though and i did enjoy their set.




The next band that played was a metal band called Invictus, "we play fuck off metal, if you don't like it fuck off."
By far the best band i have ever seen live.

Kiama's best punk outfit, Shady Nook played a solid set of punk rock tunes, with a sweet katie perry cover.
shady nook
shady nook1
shady nook3
shady nook2
And just as break a leg finished up, everyone was treated to a small set from mosh/skate band chillzilla.  It was chilled.
For photographs of the last two bands see for timoshys photos.

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